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Texas GOP votes with unions.

See? I told you that nothing would surprise me, even the GOP voting with unions.

So do the groups that this bill targets but that's not the point.

It excludes labor unions, which bill sponsors said were carved out because they already operate political action committees subject to reporting rules.

Key to this being a total #fail.

unless a university chooses to forbid what has become known as "campus carry."

Sen Judith Zaffirini moans about request. Join the club, Texas' ORR law is toothless. Pass some laws instead of whining Judy. #txlege

State Sen. Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, expressed concerns that the University of Texas System is withholding documents from legislators in a letter she sent Wednesday to UT System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa.

...just how crony this money grab in the name of water is.
It's not taxpayer money Patty.

So I would think that these groups must be supportive of this legislation, because it doesn’t seem like they want us hiding things.” 

McCain waves to his Democrat pals.

John McCain meets with Organizing for Action volunteers

Tax cut used to raid RDF?

shove, to lawmakers’ efforts to pay for transportation and water infrastructure projects out of the state’s Rainy Day Fund.

Zaffirini creates another opportunity for Texas Senators to be hypocrites.

Zaffirini's Senate Bill 1882 adds language specifying that the provision granting lawmakers privileged access to records at state agencies also applies to communications between attorneys and clients.

Gambling push by Carona laying groundwork for future.

The Legislature has resisted similar bills in previous sessions, and Carona's legislation isn't expected to break the trend. But Carona, who chairs the committee, said a more united push from gambling interests this year bodes well for the future of such efforts.

Having a moderate hack of a chief probably won't be of much help.

Her surprise victory last fall and her Tea Party status has increased talk of a more moderate, establishment-backed candidate entering the ring.

only to see it crash to the ground. #fail

“Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in America” in 2011

Two days later he's in the United States Library of Congress.

Pink Floyd Bassist Tells Pro-Palestinian Site Boycotting Israel Is the ‘Way to Go’

This should be rich.

[Text of ruling not yet available.]

Our journals are worthless. #preciatecha

All journals on this website are provided as an informational service only. The daily journals are subject to revision and should not be relied upon, quoted or cited as an official record of action taken by the legislature.

Here's hoping this clown's Obamaesque broadband bill falls flat. #fys

“The process is designed to kill bill and none of them are easy,” King said regarding the fact that on average, fewer than 15 percent of the bills filed in each session become law.”


"They're trying to hold him up to the standards of the Mayo Clinic the standards of a West Philadelphia clinic," McMahon said. "If you want Mayo Clinic standards than you go to the Mayo Clinic."

Translation: sugarcoated to coddle the clown from Obama's harem.

The following is an edited transcript of that conversation.

They don't know who to attack.

“Until we know who is really behind the curtain, we won’t make legislative progress to rein in the worst abuses.”

This is simple. If you know you will never have an abortion you shouldn't be forced to pay for coverage.

“Right now, Texans are paying for abortion coverage that they don’t know is in their plans and that they’ll never use,” said John Seago, legislative director for Texas Right to Life. “This is a customer transparency issue.” 

Closeted Democrat.

"They say they want to give them choices, they even called them trapped," Thomas Ratliff, a GOP member of the State Board of Education, said at the rally, according to The Associated Press. "I have news for you, they're not trapped. … They do have choices and they choose to stay in their local public schools."

Bitter #ex #txlege #rodeoqueen
Democrat Sylvester Turner proposed this action.

HB 3791 directs the HHSC to negotiate with the Obama