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“Do you believe (1) that intelligence is static or (2) that it could be developed over time?”

Most important question about a job applicant?

“Do you believe (1) that intelligence is static or (2) that it could be developed over time?”

Love this.  Simple rules to live by.

“Three or more: Use a for.” This is why we have loops. This is why we are programmers.

Too true, though there are certainly countries where the pressure and limits are felt more than others we must always remain vigilant.

There are no genuinely free countries – freedom of speech and self-expression and entrepreneurship is limited almost everywhere, but in different ways.

When these things happen, the articles always seem to feature the understandable fear of anti-Muslim reprisals from Muslim spokespeople, but not condemnations of the actions that accompany articles when other groups are seemingly "hijacked."  Are the authors excluding them?  Or are they just not uttered?

Saad Mohammad, a spokesman for the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, said leaders of the society’s mosque in northwest Oklahoma City are on alert and taking security precautions to protect the Muslims who gather there from any violence that someone might try to attempt in retaliation for the Moore incident. Mohammad said the anti-Muslim sentiments people may have could be heightened due to the beheadings and violence being perpetrated by the Islamic extremist group ISIS overseas. “They have this ISIS thing on their minds and now this guy has brought it to America,” Mohammad said.

Advanced features of ORACLE

Subtypes, Records, Tables, Object types and Dynamic SQL

deeply attached to his cassock :)

Rolando Rivi (1931-45), a seminarian, was also martyred by Communists; he was beatified in the northern Italian city of Modena on October 10. Deeply attached to his cassock, he was studying in the forest one day and was easily identified by Communist partisans who wanted to kill a future priest. He was kidnapped, tortured, and killed three days later; he died praying for his father and mother.

Martyred because he denounced the Mafia. In our own time... wow.

Father Giuseppe (Pino) Puglisi (1937-93) was beatified as a martyr in Palermo, Sicily, on May 25. Ordained to the priesthood in 1960, he held various assignments including parish priest, seminary vice rector, diocesan vocation director, and school teacher. In 1990, he was appointed parish priest in the neighborhood of Brancaccio; after denouncing the mafia, he was murdered. In 1998, four hitmen and two mafia bosses were sentenced in slaying.

Awesome. A laywoman who lived the single vocation, dedicated her life to God and charity.

Francisca de Paula de Jesus Isabel (1810-95), a Brazilian laywoman also known as NhÁ Chica, was beatified on May 4 in Baependi, Brazil. The illiterate daughter of a freed slave, she developed a deep bond with the Blessed Mother when she was orphaned at age ten. Spurning marriage proposals in order to devote herself entirely to God, she led a quiet life of prayer and service as a laywoman. In time, others sought her prayers and counsel. “Her simple life was totally dedicated to God and to charity, so much so that she was called ‘mother of the poor,’” Pope Francis said in a Regina Caeli address after her beatification.

Mill's on Adultry

The philosopher J.S. Mill’s approach to the moral dilemma of adultery would be grounded in his utilitarianistic school of thought. His basic belief is that which is ethical pleases most of the people most of the time. In order to determine how much pleasure an action will yield, Mill uses “Hedonistic Calculus”, which is based on a set of criteria that measure happiness. The first criterion of Hedonistic Calculus is certainty.

Mill's Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism allows for some people to get hurt, as long as some other people are benefited by a greater amount (which is a frequent criticism of utilitarianism).

Kant's theory of Adultery as potentially right.

In the same way, cheating may generally be wrong, but cheating-when-neglected may not be, depending on how the duties are formulated (for instance, by using the categorical imperative in Kant's ethics).

"UI is customer service for the computer"

For software going forward, help will be built into the user interface. It will be a part of the infrastructure, embedded in normal interface elements instead of being an add-on. If it’s not available in context, it might as well be invisible. In this way, the interface becomes more integral to the user experience than simply a tool to do a task with. As Julie Larson-Green has said: “User interface is customer service for the computer.”

Interesting note to weave in...he had the name of promise..Judas: "The praised one".

udah/Judas, Judea and Jews are etymologically connected.

Out in the regular world we call those kinds of statements lies.

knowingly false

Russia didn't recognize beer as an alcohol until 2011!

The average Russian, according to the Daily Telegraph, consumes the equivalent of 32 pints of pure alcohol each year, and about 500,000 alcohol-related deaths occur in the country annually, including some 30,000 drunk-driving accidents and several thousand cases of drowning.

Flight Attendants are not paid their full salary until the plane door is closed. Until then they are paid $1.50 an hour.

Flight attendants get paid for “flight hours only.” Translation: The clock doesn’t start until the craft pushes away from the gate. Flight delays, cancellations, and layovers affect us just as much as they do passengers—maybe even more.

Christmas is abbreviated as X-mas because of ancient tradition. X is the Greek letter "chi" which is an abbreviation for the word "Christ" in Greek.

X is the Greek letter “chi,” the initial letter in the word Χριστός. And here’s the kicker: Χριστός means “Christ.” X has been an acceptable representation of the word “Christ” for hundreds of years. This device is known as a Christogram.


Some Poke Balls can catch Pokemon easier than others (Great Ball, Ultra Ball, etc.). Some Poke Balls can catch certain species or types easier than all other Pokemon (Net Ball, etc.). The Master Ball is the only Ball with a 100% capture rate, but players usually only receive one per game.